Option : VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION will send you a reservation file with an « option status » specifying the exact amount invoiced, the content of the services ordered as well as the expiration date.
If the booking is made less than30 days before the arrival, you will have to pay the total purchase amount.
Please verify that the description and the dates correspond to your request and confirm within 5 days your booking by email, with a deposit of 30% of the total amount for hotels or 25% of the total amount + processing fees for real estate agencies and landlords.
If no deposit is received before the due date, the option will be cancelled and the accomodation will then be available for VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION’s clients.
Booking : When the deposit is received, your booking is confirmed and we establish a contract specifying the rest of the amount due.
The booking confirmation, with all the elements such as the content of the services, exact purchase price and dates will be sent by email in a maximum of 1 working day.
You will find on this document the name and phone number of your accomodation provider. If you have any questions regarding your arrival, the accomodation etc. you can directly contact them.

The deposit and full amount can be paid by credit card, cheque, bank transfer (bank transfer fees must be paid by the client) or cash.
For last minute booking (less than 7 days before the arrival) only credit card payment will be accepted.

The full amount must be paid 30 days before your arrival. It will be claimed directly by your accomodation provider.
The pictures published on the website are for information purpose only to have an overview of the chalet, hotel or residence environnement and the interior layout of the room/appartement.
They are in no way contractually binding.
There is a local holiday tax. It will be included directly in your file or has to be paid to your accomodation provider at your arrival or departure, according to the local legislation.
A security deposit has to be paid on your arrival. Failing that, the accomodation could not be provided.
The deposit will be returned by the accomodation provider not later than one month after your departure and after deduction of any extra services and damages to the accomodation rented.
VAL D ISERE RESERVATION depends on each accomodation provider’s modification and cancellation policy. The fees, term and conditions applied are those resulting from the accomodation provider’s policy.
They are available on simple request.
In case where modification or cancellation is possible, fees of 15 euros will be charged.
A/ Cancellation or modification by the client :
Any modification, partial or total cancellation request of a confirmed booking must be notified to VAL D ISERE RESERVATION by registered letter or email, the reception date will be regarded as the cancellation date.
This request will be forwarded to your accomodation provider.
B/ Cancellation or modification by the accomodation provider :
VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION reserves the rights to modify any price or availability mistake on its website and/or confirmed booking or pending with a wrong price.
Under theses circumstances, VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION will offer, if possible :
  • to keep your booking and pay the adjusted price
  • to accept another accomodation proposed by VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION
  • to cancel your booking with no penalty and to reimburse the amount paid for this booking.
VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION has no obligation to provide the accomodation you have rented if it turns out the price is incorrect  or due to a wrong availability given by the accomodation provider even if you have received a booking confirmation by email.
VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION reserves the rights to cancel any booking if VAL D ISERE RESERVATION has reasonable grounds to believe it is fraudulent.
In that case, VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION will try to reach you using the phone number and email adress you communicated on your booking form.
If VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION is not able to reach you, the booking will be cancelled without any commitment of responsibility of VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION.
Any claims concerning a holiday must be sent to VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION by registered letter no later than 8 days after the end of the stay.
In case of dispute, only the Tribunal de Grande Instance d’Albertville (Magistrate’s court) is competent to judge the case.
For any purchase of ski passes, the 1st day of validity will be requested. Without any answer, a pass starting the following day of the client’s arrival will be ordered.
Ski passes are by default sold without insurance. It is possible to add « Carré Neige » insurance at the applicable rate on request when booking the ski passes.
Only Val d’Isère + Tignes are sold by VAL D’ISERE RESERVATION. The connection between the two areas is, however, depending on snow conditions.
No reimbursement will be made if the connection is closed between the two areas.
Ski Passes are sold with discount until -40% on the Public Rate. In case of bad weather conditions, no refund will be possible.