COVID19 - special welcome provisions - summer 2020

The accommodation providers in Val d'Isère are committed, in association with all the partners of the resort, to propose, this summer, a real space for decompression after the stress of the lockdown.
Take advantage of the clean air, the authenticity of our village, the peace and quiet, the superb landscapes around Val d'Isère. Every effort will be made to welcome you under the best conditions, while respecting the hygiene and security obligations.
- Welcome provisions:
  • We will do our best to preserve your safety by cleaning and disinfecting with even more care than usual, before your arrival, the surfaces that are most often touched, inside the lodgings, as well as in the halls.
  • We are committed to abide by the precautionary health measures when you arrive and for the duration of your stay
  • We will provide you with hygiene kits in order for you, during your stay, to take care of yourself and ... every one around you
- Improvement in our cancellation policies: 
  • Self-catered apartments : no cancellation fee and 100% refund up to 7 days prior to your arrival
  • Hotel rooms : no cancellation fee and 100% refund up to 48 hours prior to your arrival for any reservation of 3 rooms maximum
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