Your HOTEL in Val d'Isère during the E-Bike Festival

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Book your HOTEL room in Val d'Isère through us
to enjoy the 2021 E-bike Festival !
From 1 to 7 nights from July 24th to August 8th
and we will offer you :
- 1 free entrance to the swimming pool (*)
- 3 rides on the junior electric car tracks (**)
- 1/2 hour on the golf simulator (***)
The Tignes & Val d'Isère E-bike Festival will take place for the first time this summer.
During three days, Val d'Isère and its neighbour, Tignes will live to the rythm of e-bike
with a programme offering 4 different activities to experience the e-bike:
- the E-Bike Test,
- the Gourmet Ride,
- the Discovery Trails
- and the Elite Race of the E-Bike World Tour
(*) 1 free day entrance to the swimming pool per pers offered by the Centre Aquasportif de Val d'Isère (Update 07/21/21: the sanitary pass will be requested for access to the Aquasportif Center)
(**) 3 rides / Junior Electric Car (or moto) tracks - 4-12 y
(***) 1/2 h on the Golf simulator - group of 4 people max - more than 12 y.o. -  offered by Centre Aquasportif de Val d'Isère