Icefloating Val d'Isère



Learn to let go !
in partnership with Evolution 2

Discover a new relaxation experience straight from Finland.
Dressed in a dry suit, float in the waters of our frozen lake for an extraordinary moment of well-being. 
The sensory isolation allows you to reconnect with nature, appreciating the magnificence of the surrounding mountains.  Feel the sun caressing your face or the beauty of snowflakes delicately falling.

The activity is supervised under the responsibility of a state certified or state graduate dive instructor and take place in the iced water of Ouillette Lake.

Participation conditions:

  • Minimum age: from 10 years old (with an adult)
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Time slot: 2 hour in total including 30 min of relaxation (minimum)
    - 1 hour up/down with Solaise gondola and the walk approach to the lake
    - 1 hour of activity including at least 30 minutes of relaxion in the water
  • Daylight floating from 10am to 2pm every Thursdays


  • We provide all the diving equipment
  • You float emerged in the icy water, wrapped in your warm ice survival suit
  • Bring: Your ski outfit and warm underwear underneath, thick socks, ski googles or sunglasses. A hair elastic for long hair.