Hydrospeed : Family Initiation Descent

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 Family Initiation Descent : The course starts in a body of water in order to learn the techniques of kicking, "eskimo roll", changes of direction ...
You will also learn sign language in the river.
You will then dive into the Isère for a descent punctuated by passages of rapids, big waves, surfing in the rollers for a 100% sporty program.

Descent to share with the family with children aged from 12 years old.

Prerequisites: ability to swim 25 meters and submerge the head for several seconds under water.
Green practice level, no experience required.

Supervision and equipment: a certified instructor. Necessary equipment included (wetsuit and neoprene booties, helmet and life jacket, board and fins). A swimsuit and a towel are to be provided.

Duration: 2h45 in total, 15 min in the water + 1h30 min in the river.

Day and time: Thursdays and Fridays, start at 8:30am, subject to availability.

The nautical base is located in Landry, about 30 km from Tignes, in the valley.

The service provider reserves the right to modify or cancel the booking if one of the activities is not available.
Not cancellable from 7 days before departure.
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